Wednesday, May 31, 2006


You stole my heart.
You have my devotion.
You snatched my first kiss.
You got my love.

I got a bad case of mononucleosis.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

*The Fer()ry Ma^n's T$o$ll

I hold it; escape, in the palm of my hand.
My finger it quivers and is hard to command.

I pay for my passage with a small piece of metal.
Then allow for a moment as my cold fear does settle.

I squeeze at the handle, and pull open my skull.
Where once there was brain, now there's only a hole.

Monday, May 29, 2006


today's T rying t H inkers tick and tock t E rribly towards tumultous turnpikes.
fam O usly fabu L ous fortitu D es of frameworks fumble feebly while falling.
the S allow f A ced sentinel stares sternly D own at sam and smiles.
M eanwhile m E ter marking me N march m A ddly towards the ma R k E ts.
C urrency c O ffers they carry cal M ly to the co I n constrai N ed cultural incon G nizants.
an ab S olute app O coly P se of abnorma L attitud E is A gre S sing in altitud E .
while B ed burd E nned beggars who ble W bitter b A rgains in bank R uptcy bak E .
oh s T and and show sympat H y for the s a ke of sad solem N , silly star K faced sam, somebody!
goodnight and ma Y gardens gr O w in the grave gore of yo U r graces.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Place of Pension Passing (Part Three)

Alone I sat in my room in the house, a fire was burning that I could not douse. The flame was of fear and the wood t'was my heart, I trembled inside and prepared to depart. How could I go without any light, clothes that are clean, or a stick with to fight? Oh well, I decided, I had a task on my plate, the clock was still turning and it was getting more late. I left my room with only the clothes on my back, no food in my stomach, no tools in a sack.

My first foot stepped out on the old creaky floor, my boot it did "clack!" and the wood shrieked some more... "Hurry..." said the floor, I did humbly obey, as when floor boards speak, you must do as they say; for floor boards know more than our sleepy little heads, they're never at rest and they outlive the dead. They see what the house sees and just a little more, for every so often they gaze out the door. Whenever one enters or takes to depart, the floor boards do peer and develop their art. Gossipy little geese the floorboards be, if one has a calm mind that one will then see, they're constantly speaking you just have to hear, just soften your mind thoughts and open your ear.

With each step I took the floor just repeated, and after a while my patience grew heated. Annoyed with the floor I made my way to the stairs, and tried to subdue my internal affairs. Yet with each downward step that I made on the wood, the floor boards they shouted as loud as they could. "HURRY!...", "HURRY!...", "HURRY!..." Once I reached the bottom I was practicaly running, the voice of the floor was abnoxiously stunning. I was on the ground level and the door was in sight, but with each passing step I was fueled to a fight. I just couldn't stand all the creeking demands, so I turned with abruptness and threw up my hands.

"My goodness!" I cried with angst in my heart, "I think I get it, I'll quickly depart..."

Then oddly enough a sound was emited, and walking in step I had since then remitted.

"Hullo???" Said the voice, "Where art though going? You look underdressed for an adventurous showing."

I peered in the darkness laid under the stairs, then back to my heart came my worries and cares...

"Hullo??? I cried is there a person over there? If so will you please come out from under the stair?"

"Yes, young lad I am deffinately here. I'd prefer to stay put but do lower your fear. I mean you no harm, in fact I'm a friend. I may actually be one of whom you'd like to depend. Here this might help in calming your head, it's really quite dark here and you'd prefer light instead..."

I heard the strike of a match, then I saw a small flame, I couldn't yet make out this odd stranger's frame. Then the fire moved downward right near to the ground, and soon a small lantern the fire it found. A quick burst of light and the room was a'brightened, I can't say that I felt any less frightened; for the man appeared shady all dark and discreet, who was this person I had the fortune to meet?

He was dressed all in black, with a lining of red. He wore a cloak on his body and a large hat on his head. His skull cover was lowered covering his dark face, he leaned against the wall in his small hiding place. He looked like a gypsy a traveler might find, a little too mysterious for a man of my kind.

"Introduce yourself I here do say! Make it quick as well, I must be on way..."

"Of course young sir. I'd be pleased to comply, by the red of my heart and the white of my eye."

He extended his arm, from his red lined cloak, and then once again the strange man spoke.

"Around here I'm known as The Shadow Talker, but you young lad can just call me..."

"Satanel Pocker"...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Place of Pension Passing (Part Two)

The door behind came to a clamorous close, and I sat alone in a dreery repose. Where do I go, with which foot do I start? What do I pack before I depart? These thoughts all colided inside my dear head, and a fire of angst was voraciously fed. Time to go I told my poor soul, my fears and doubts I regarded as null. For to upset The Master would be such a shame, he's such a good man and has such a good name. With that I resolved with a faithful heart, to pack up my things and prepare to depart.

I made my way to my quarters down the hall, when suddenly I was stopped by the clock which did call. Sir. Grandfather sang that twelve was the hour, and with his bold call a new day came to power. I shivered a bit and then went on to proceed, I stomped through the hall with the greatest of speed. Rounding my room I softened my step, for within these quarters my fellows all slept. I crept through the doorway the wood all a creaking, with each step the floor boards were secretly speaking. They told me to "hurry" with all of my might, the night was not long and would soon become light. I creaked my way towards my footchest assigned, and began on my search for all I could find.

I kneeled down beside my minute little chest, I reached out at the lid and with all my might pressed. The chest it was locked, but not by my hand, who could of done this? I began to demand. I reached for my key I kept in my sole, but where once there was rubber there now was a hole. I stared at the shoe with a dumb founded gaze, when a soft little voice cleared my mind from its haze.

I turned to the door and was suddenly started, for there was the man with whom I just had departed. A smile was plastered on the man standing there, so benevolant and kind he did lovingly stare. And then he opened his mouth and the words that he uttered, made me stir in my seat and my whole body shuddered.

"Son, for this task there is one more simple demand, you must go from this place and do it by hand. No tools, weapons, or clothing in sack; all I'll allow are those clothes on your back."

I stared for a moment in pure disbelief, there are not words that are written that can describe my great grief.

"Sir. why's this necessary it seems a little much, I cannot travel without clothing and such. Not to mention a lantern, I say; how will I see when there is no more day?"

"Son, this is my request, why must you so argue? Would you rather I'd chosen some other than you?"

"Of course not dear sir. I'm sorry I fought, I will leave right away with only what I've here got."

"You're a good lad I must say, you have always been true, now hurry boy you have a job to do! Wait! there is one more thing I must strongly impress... You must follow only the willows nothing more nothing less. If you waver an instant then all could be lost, and son that price would be far too high a cost. Can you please comprehend these things that I ask, son will you follow my plan for this sensitive task?"

I didn't know why he had placed all these rules, but I'd follow the willows and leave here all my tools.

"Of course sir, your word is the last, the thoughts of my tools are a thing of the past."

"And of the willows, do you comprehend there? If you don't follow their guidance I don't know how you'll fare."

"Sir., gospel is your word, and tis' law to my ears; so calm your dear head, and put away your kind fears."

With this the old man smiled, and he looked me in the eye. "You're so good to me, now I must say goodbye."

He stood up from his place with one final smile, and then left the room in a respectable style. I knelt in front of my chest in a queer attitude, then humbly arose and the task I pursued...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Da >Mans< In Da Mascks

Chilled shivers shimmy down the framework of ya' back,
A Klick, a klack, and a klickety, klack, and a once more Klack.
BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, shaboom, boom, boom the thunder does crack

Steps approachin' evah' near... fear it's rising... wait not fear.
Bile, bile, followed by barf, filling up your winter scarf.

Oh boom! boom!
RArrrhh it roars!
Hey, heyyyy! Little boy!
Wa's behin' thos doors???

Don't you know the masked men'
They waiting there in tha devlish den!
Oh no, Oh no. WATCH OUT! Young boy...
That drill is not a CHILDREN'S TOY!

Sittin, sittin, sittin... Waitin in the waitinnn' room.
The steps approach the door.
And then once more the thunder BOOMBOOMBOOM BOOM!s

Like a little puppy, a puppy, a puppy
Yes a puppy, yes a puppy, I said a puppy ya hear?
you piddle in the CORNAH'

He cometh, he coMETH, HE COMETH... NOW!
The masked man, the masked man, the masked man, how!
Watch it kid! Watch your Head!
He's waitin for you... YEA! FEEL THE DREAD!

Shakin, shakin, bakin...
In the pants you are a quakin.
You're watin, yow waitin, yow waitin,
Yea you wwwwaaaaiiiittttinnnnn...

The lady comes in, she dresses you up...
She's gotta cute face, you say "WWAAASSS UUUUPPPP???"
Gives you a wink, and a subtle kiss,
YEA! You just scored wit' a real Swiss miss.

Ohhhhhhhh hhhhhhh hhhhhh NOOOOOOO....
Here he comes, he comes, he comes!
The one, the one, the one you feaaaaaarrrr!!!
You hold your breath, then you soil your REAR!

Pulls the drill, and he starts ta' LAAAUUUGGGHHHH...
He straddles you like a cow on a calllllffff...
He revs it up, he revs it up,
Tells you to spit, and then he holds out a cup.

Hours later you emerge...
Your feelings damp, and your head SUBMERGED!
Your mom turns you around and she sees your spoil.
Spanks ya' so hard your bottom does boil.

Boillll, boil, boil, boil,
Spanks ya' so hard your bottom does boil.

Mouth is numb and you can't eaaaaatttttt,
Can't even sit down on YOW' der' SEAT!
Pass the pudding, you do ask...
Curses you send to the MAN... IN... THE... MASK!

A Proha-see Writt<>en on the Walls of the *UNDERGROUND*

Tyranical tappestry of a tensioning torturer,
Rising from the depths below.

Army of abuntant accountants and adds,
Building dams to stop the flow.

Rebellious rioter reign through rantings,
Rise from the underground to overthrow.

With walls of written wayfaring words,
We'll walk through grounds they will not know.

DeEresT EdMund...


Deerest Edmund my friend,
How are you? My goodnes its been so long since we last saw eech otherr. Oh how the time goes, eh' edmund? You are my most deerast of frends. Did you kno that? It's the truth, I just didnt want to tell you. Did you see "my" childran in that Christmas card I sent You. They looked so grown up didn't they? Boy, that John of yourrr... Mmmmine sure is turning out to be a looker... How old is he now, twelve?... Oh that's right, he is twelve.
I herd you wer going to be in the town deer frennd, and I Haavve prepared forrr us the most extravagaannt of dinners this side of the Hudson River be assuuered. You will be joyinning me, will you not? Bring the fam' Edmund, you know how much I like the little ones... Wait, I meen I will bring the fam', beecause "I" kno how much "you" Edmund likkke... the little onnes... soo much...yea. Rite Edmund? Or shall I be calling you Mr. Liversneed, or is that the name of your old man fatherr? Oh never you truble your head over such silly follies that I presssent, I crack myself even up sometimes... I am so extreemly exsited to have you over to my place! You will Sureelly love it, I kno that it is surely much bigger than your small cottage frend.
You have been the most gracious of workers of mine Edmund, I don't knnoww how I could ever have it in me to repay you.
You will really love the place, that I am quite sure of. Frend I just got it re-carpeted, I know, its not out of my price range becuse I am the boss you kno? Don't worry about it, monnneeyy's not really much of an issue to me right noww. I'm so glad to hear from you, it's been ever so long.
Oh my, it's my doorbell; excuse me please if you would, I have to go and get that... Oh my Edmund, I am back and I have the most wonderous of NEWS!!! Yo... "my" family, they are heer! Would you believe it, they are just standing outside the door right now, all of them. Hold on, I'm going to go and invite them in.
They are here now with me. Say hello to your Papa's good working friend young one, woold you? I'm sure he would exstatikaly love to hear from you! He is taking the pen now, ok Edmmunnd? Now this is your son talking, k?
Hello old man, it's been ever such a long time since we last saw you... You must ultimately come and visit us... Why are you such a BAD BAD MANNNNN???, why do you do those thingssss to mMMmmeee when I'm sleeping? Why do you HIT me WitH the Patience Stick??? I will kill you EDMUND LIVERSNEED, THE DEVIL IS IN youR HEART pLACE, that is WAAHT MMAM ALWAYS SAID TO'S US.......I will rip your head off and I will feed it to the dogggssss...

Oh my!
Oh my! That was most definately my son Edmund, not me. I will punnishh him for what he sed. Will you be here soon? my wife is looking EXTRAVAGENT I must say, all dressed in her best of nite gowns, looking like the sparkling queennnn of Swaaannn Lake I presume. Oh myyy, there is another knock, "rat" "tat" "tat" on the door, I will be right back returning with much haste.
I'm back, Oh my Edmund you wouldn'ttt believe who my honored guest is if I told you three times slow... It's you Edmund! I'm so glad you made it. I musst havve llett you oofff early frum cleening the floors of the resst-room to come have this marvulus dinner I prepared. Here I have this letter for you... I will just fold it up and put it in your pocket there, The one with your name on it, "EDMUND" Such a pretty name. I know that your hands are not so good with your old age and the arthritus bug biting them. All of my Familly has the same strange buggg, It's going to be quite A Buggggeerr I presume to eat, I will help you all.
Ok Edmundddd I'm going to fold the lettter up now, and stick it in your good pocket.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

AgNaus-"Tick" Syna-ci-Sm

No one there, but not alone.
You kneel in sacred prayer.
Feel the chill drip in your bone.
Intrusions in the air.

In your room with wooden floor.
No bed, No toys, No Things.
There is a cross above the door.
And the clock outside it sings.

Midnight cometh quick as sound.
Riding on the River Styx.
In your chest your heart does pound.
You dig for hidden crucifix.

Darkness is the room you stay.
A' rockin' up and down.
Try so hard to keep at bay.
The fear that does soon drown.

Sunken spirits and hidden faces.
Voices whisper through the dark.
Posession reigns in hidden places.
Ruling with the Devil's mark.

You make the motions with the cross.
You say your silent prayers.
The wood it creaks your sudden loss.
Heaven's silence rises hairs.

A tear forms from an eye forsaken.
You cry out to above.
Spirits raid your soul now taken.
A soul with foolish love.